Coral Princess 16th September 2017 Alaska 7 nights.

We stayed in the same cabin as our cruise we did in 2016 to the Caribbean, Costa Rica and Panama Canal, pictures are all on that blog.

I wanted to briefly talk about how wheelchair accessible the 7 night inside passage Alaska was for me in my manual wheelchair.

We flew to Vancouver and did a overnight stop before boarding the Coral. We flew with BA and unfortunately they damaged my cushion on my wheelchair which wasn’t the best start to the holiday especially that I couldn’t report it as no customer services was there as it was late!

We sailed to Glacier bay and were very lucky to see a carving of the glacier, such a beautiful place is Alaska and we were very lucky with the weather too as was quite mild.

The next stop was Juneau then Skagway, Ketchikan and back to Vancouver.

We did a couple of excursions with Princess which was whale watching and the Deadliest Catch which was brilliant, this was a bucket list cruise for my husband Carl but I can say that I too really enjoyed it, I’m more for warmer climates but this is something I’m glad I got to experience.

All the destinations are wheelchair accessible with the odd hiccup here and there but overall quite an easy cruise to do being wheelchair bound.

We got to see many things we would never have imagined and loved this cruise!

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