Independence of the Sea 7324 wheelchair accessible balcony cabin May 2018 just after refits.

I did the sister ship Freedom of the sea back in 2008 for a week in the Caribbean which I loved and I really wanted my hubby to trial them out, so when I saw Indy was doing a 2 nighter from Southampton I was right in there booking it.

Royal Caribbean are well known to be an all rounder cruise line and good for wheelchairs so I was super excited especially as it had just come out of a million pound refit…

First impressions of the ship was great, hubby loved the promenade area he says they do the best food, pizza and pie!

So far so good, it starts to get a little rowdy with young adults taking advantage of the full drinks package already, so we knew what type of cruise this was going to turn into but we were ok with this we can lose ourselves in quieter areas of the ship.

We head to our cabin and to be honest even I was disappointed, it seemed really dreary, old and dated, surprisingly dated but it was only two nights and the size was great plenty of room.

The great thing about Indy is that the TV is interactive so you do everything on there apart from our TV wasn’t working 😳 took 5 different men and a day and a half for it to be fixed… it’s just a tv again not a huge issue just annoying.

The thing that tipped us over the edge was the ‘U bend’ of the sink had rusted through and was blocked so we couldn’t use our bath room until the last day..! We had all different men in and out, a plastic sheet up on the door soldering at 9pm at night, now this probably wouldn’t affect many but I’m in bed usually but half 7-8pm with medication and go on life support so this was super embarrassing for me and obviously not having access to a bathroom was extremely hard. Thank goodness it was only 2 nights. Royal Caribbean gave us $50 obs but the fact she had just come out of a huge refit we didn’t feel best pleased.

This put my hubby off unfortunately along with how busy the ship was in most places he felt that maybe this liner isn’t for him, maybe one day we will try again but we do have our favourites.

Overall the ship was lovely and very easy to get around and we still enjoyed the little break even with those hiccups!

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