Wheelchair accessible cabins for all P&O fleet

Please see below a chart of the cabins and grades of the wheelchair accessible cabins on the P&O ships, I hope this help people out.

Arcadia’s wheelchair accessible cabins
Arcadia’s partially accessible cabins
Ventura’s wheelchair accessible cabins
Cont… Ventura’s wheelchair accessible cabins
Iona’s wheelchair accessible cabins
Cont… Iona’s wheelchair accessible cabins

Iona, inside accessible cabins have been reclassified as PARTIALLY ACCESSIBLE. This is due to the turning circle not being big enough for certain mobility aids, such as scooters, basically they are standard cabins with accessible elements- contact P&O before booking.

Cont…. Iona’s wheelchair accessible cabins
Azura’s wheelchair accessible cabins
Cont… Azura’s wheelchair accessible cabins


Britannia’s wheelchair accessible cabins
Cont…. Britannia’s wheelchair accessible cabins
Cont…. Britannia’s wheelchair accessible cabins
Aurora’s wheelchair accessible cabins
Cont… Aurora’s wheelchair accessible cabins
Arvia’s wheelchair accessible cabins

Arvia, PARTIALLY ACCESSIBLE CABINS are grades, PB, PC, PD, PE, PF. This is due to the turning circle not being big enough for certain mobility aids, such as scooters, these are suitable for guests bringing non motorised up right assistive mobility devices and who do not require the use of a wheelchair, scooter or other similar assistive devices. These are standard cabins that have accessible elements, these cabins are all shower only.

Cont…. Arvia’s wheelchair accessible cabins
Cont…. Arvia’s wheelchair accessible cabins

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  1. Paul Jay says:

    Your Quickie Salsa M2 Wheelchair would be fine for going on cruising. Mine Is a Quickie Jive, and is wider by about 2 inches or more. I have been on cruises in it pre pandemic with my wife. We are due to go on the P&O Iona on October 31st. We get to Southampton from London in a Wheelchair accesible vehicle from a Southampton Firm . They charge the two of us (My wife can just about walk) £440 Return. I have only been disabled for five years. I’m 78 in October. (I was 20 in the photo!)


    1. Yes I have cruised many times in my quickie salsa M2 but also my foldable 10J, this is why I set my blogging and blogging page up so people who use wheelchairs can see how accessible cruise lines are. We are on the Sky Princess end of the month.
      We have a mobility car so go down the night before and stay in a hotel with an accessible room, working many years in travel I know where to get the good deals to save us the money.
      Enjoy Iona, we on her for our next March for our wedding anniversary.


  2. Cathrine White says:

    Do you know of partially accessible cabins have a seat in the shower. My husband is not confined to his scooter but needs a seat in the shower. Wev been allocated Cabin G12 on Arcadia


    1. Hello, I’m not 100% unfortunately as I’m a full time electric wheelchair user, however from experience usually it would be a yes it’s just the room itself is smaller so turning circles cannot be preformed- if he has a scooter are you sure it will fit in a partially accessible cabin? I personally would call P&O to ask the question about shower chair and if this cabin is suitable for a scooter, I stayed in an accessible cabin on Arcadia but at the time was in a manual wheelchair and I just about fitted, the space between the end of bed and wall was very narrow and I scuffed my knuckles, a scooter wouldn’t fit for sure. If you look at my blog on P&O Arcadia your see the accessible cabin and the space.
      Good luck and thank you for looking at my site
      PS if there is no seat you can hire mobile ones or stools from mobility at sea if that helps


    2. I’ve just found this on P&O website,

      All adapted cabins have a shower only, with the exception of
      Suites/Mini-suites which have standard bath and separate shower.
      The following cabins C194, C203, C1, C2, E95, E96, C11, G12, G74,
      G81, G82 and G100 are suitable for un-confined wheelchair access,
      however, please be aware that opening the door from within the
      cabin will require assistance from an able-bodied companion.

      So I would say that yes it has a Wetroom and that he would find a place in cabin to park scooter


  3. Chris B says:

    I have just looked at P&O Cruise N308 (4 Night Amsterdam Next Apr)
    When looking to book a cabin that is wheelchair accessible, you have to phone P&O.
    During the phone call, the price I was quoted was greater than for a standard balcony as shown on the website.
    Have you had experience where the cost for an accessible balcony is greater than for a normal balcony ?
    This would appear at first glance to be discriminatory.


    1. Cabin types are based on grades, on the actual deck plan of the P&O ship it will show via colour and letters like a green box with BA inside it. These are the grades of the cabins and will range in price. From experience an adapted cabin is never the lowest grade. It isn’t discrimination as they do provide adapted cabins and they place them in areas of the ship easier for us to get around. It’s only been since covid P&O have got you to call up to book as before you could do it on the website, I have 4 P&O booked all great prices as I book as soon as they become available as that’s the best price. I would say look at the deck plan of the ship and find the adapted lowest grade then go onto the website and cost it up with a standard cabin at the same grade so you have an idea of price and then call to see if they are available- hope that helps and explains it for you.


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