Princess Cruises Pool & Hot Tub Hoists

One of the many questions that I get asked is, “Are there hoists for the pools or hot tubs”? I have recently reached out to a lot of cruise liners with this question and I’m awaiting still to hear back but….. Princess cruises got back to me recently with this wonderful information and some great pictures!

With Princess Cruises you do need to contact the Guest Services Desk once onboard to make arrangements to use the pool/ hot tub hoist equipment. There is a period of time necessary for the hoist to charge before using, so keep this in mind. You will be shown how to operate the hoist. Please note that the guests must be accompanied by a family member or traveling companion to operate the hoist, and monitor the guest in the hoist and pool. The ship’s staff are not permitted to lift the guest nor operate the hoist for them. The maximum weight for the pool lift is 130kg / 286 lbs.

Hoist at the pool on the Ruby Princess

As you can see above and below is the hoist in place to use at the pool, this is taken on the Ruby Princess, the hoist expands out and swivels so you can transfer from wheelchair to hoist or the edge of the pool first.

Close up of hoist at pool on Ruby Princess

The hoist will place you into the pool, where you will need someone with you as I stated above.

Pool hoist on Ruby Princess

The great thought was that it is also used to get us into a hot tub which so far I’ve not seen many cruise lines offer this option, so it certainly is a winner for me.

Hoist for hot tub on Ruby Princess

For me I can transfer, I have weak muscle tone but I can just crawl a few steps although I usually dislocate my knees or hips which is normal for me if you have read the “About Me” blog. So this option is nice to know I have to save the added pain just so I can enjoy the hot tub! As you can see below it safely gets you over and into the hot tub! Amazing bit of kit, well done Princess!

Hot tub hoist on Ruby Princess

This is available on all Princess ships, you just have to ask at guest services and arrange a time, bearing in mind it needs charging, but that’s one thing us disabled guests are good at, is planning in advance. I understand it can be difficult as weather is not predictable but at least the option is there if you need it. Remember you need to have someone who can operate the hoist and be with you the whole time as Princess staff are not allowed to operate the hoist.

Overall this is a really positive step to include disabled guests, letting us enjoy the facilities they have to offer, I’m quite impressed with this and look forward to see what more advancements happen on ships in the future.

Pictures used are courtesy of Princess Cruises, from their Ruby Princess.

Princess Cruises

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